Friday, May 29, 2015

Homemade Coconut Ice cream by Angela Seah Thulin (without ice-cream maker)

Sweet treat to COCONUT lovers >>> a very RICH coconut flavor ice cream!  You gonna try!!

Coconut ice cream topped with desiccated coconut - yummy!

Ingredients -

280ml fresh Coconut drink (about 1 fresh coconut)
1/2 tsp salt
3 pandan leaves, tied
750ml coconut milk or 3.5 packs Kara brand coconut milk (200ml)
360ml Heavy cream
270g sugar (separate them into halve)
1 egg white

Steps -

*Place your metal bowl and whisker in freezer
1. Pour the fresh coconut juice into a pot. Add pandan leaves and salt in. Bring to a simmer then add coconut milk in. Bring it to a simmer again and turn off/remove from heat.
2. Add sugar (half of it) in and stir till dissolved. Leave it aside and let it cool completely - about 40mins. Or you can water bath it using room temperature water to let it cool faster.
3. After 40mins >> using the cold metal bowl from fridge - pour in egg white and the balance/half sugar. Whisk them till it looks white and thick.
4. Then add the chill heavy cream in and whisk till stiff peak.
5. Ensure your earlier on cooked coconut milk has cooled down, add this into point 4. And whisk for 1 min just to get it corporate well. It is liquidity.
6. Pour into container, cover with lid and freeze it. Remove from freezer and give them a stir at every hour then back into freezer again. Do this for 5x.

I leave it at the window to cool - took me 20 mins only :)

Every 1 hour to stir

Final product


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