Sunday, October 04, 2015

Orh Nee (Yam Paste) 芋泥 by Angela Seah Thulin

A traditional teochew dessert served in chinese restaurants and/or during chinese weddings. I'm away from Singapore yet i can have this in Sweden... I'm never far from home it seems. 

I like my orh nee with a little coconut taste in but not pumpkin. The creamy, thick, sticky and sweet orh nee is perfect together with the gingko nuts ... 

Not difficult to make - just steam, mash or blend and then cook it.

*Sweetness is entirely up to you, I used more than one pc of the bing tang/rock sugar boiled in 500ml water. I add ginkgo nuts in to the water together with pandan leaves and boil together.
*I don't like pumpkin so my total taro I used was 700g. 
*For thicker result, use less water ie.300ml.

Ingredients -

500g taro (slice thinly or cut in cube) 
300g pumpkin (cut into cube)
500ml water boil with one big piece of rock sugar (冰糖) + 3 pcs of pandan leaves tied together. 
Gingko (your choice of amount)
150ml coconut milk 
4 tbsp shallots oil

Directions - 

1)  Steam taro and pumpkin for 25 minutes or till very soft. Then use a fork/potato masher to mash it while it's still hot and set aside. Using a processor will get a smoother paste. 
2) Heat wok and add 3 tbsp shallots oil, add the mashed mixture in, stir fry the mixture over medium low. Stir continuously until taro and oil are well combined. (add 1 tbsp shallot oil if it's not combining). 
3) Reduce heat and add in the rock sugar water gradually n keep stirring till taro paste becomes smooth and paste-alike consistency.
4) Still in low heat - Add coconut milk in gradually and stir till well-combined. 
5) Top with gingko. 

Note - Do not consume too many gingko nuts (1-3 a day) as they can be toxic in larger doses especially for younger kids.

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