Thursday, November 05, 2015

Sesame Chicken by Angela Seah Thulin

A recipe shared by my friend Sharon Foo

Sesame oil chicken is one of my family favorite. The gravy from this dish, the little spiciness from the ginger and sweetness - i can have 2 bowls of rice. 

Recipe -

1kg chicken ( I use drum, thigh n wings)

140g ginger slice it n cut into thin stripes
50ml sesame oil
50ml dark soya sauce
4tbsp sugar
500ml water

1) heat up sesame oil n stir fry the ginger till it turn light brown. 

2) add in the chicken n stir fry for like 5mins n add in dark soya sauce n stir fry for another 

3mins then add in yr sugar to totally caramalize into the chicken for another 3mins.

4) add in the water n let it boil for like 10mins using big fire. Then after that switch to mid fire n let it simmer for another 10mins. You should get a thick kind of gravy with taste of the Hiam Hiam of the ginger n sweet kind of taste. Do remember to occasionally giving it a few toss during the simmer process. *if you like thicken kind of gravy just let it simmer longer n it will thicken up fast as the sugar will caramalize it.

*This is an easy recipe so hopefully you all can give it a try when you are free.

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