Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Pull-apart Cinnamon bread by Angela Seah Thulin

Using pizza dough - after baked
I recall watching a short clip on using ready dough to make pull apart bread, so i tried making it with the leftover dough of my puff pastry. Actually i am not sure if puff pastry can be done, any way i went ahead with it. My son tried it, loved it and asked for it again! 

2 days later, i made it again but this time i used pizza dough instead. Both puff pastry and pizza dough are good to use but i would say puff pastry is more crusty on the outside and flaky inside while pizza dough would give more of a bread texture.

Anyway this is super easy and if you like cinnamon, i'm sure you will love this! 

Using puff pastry - after coated with sugar and cinnamon powder
Using puff pastry - after baked

To me, a full recipe is not needed here. All you need is to melt some butter. Roll your dough with butter and then coat it with cinnamon powder and sugar. Then bake it. That's all. Below is just a rough guide :)

Ingredients - 
Ready-made puff pastry or pizza dough
Sugar (est.3 tbsp)
Cinnamon powder (est.1-2 tsp)
Preheat oven 180degree Celsius 1. Divide the puff pastry/pizza dough equally and roll them into balls. 3. Then melt some butter in microwave. 4. Coat the balls with the melted butter. 5. In a bowl or small ziplock bag, mix the sugar and cinnamon powder together then add the butter balls in and ensure every balls are coated with sugar. 6. Grease the baking bowl with the leftover butter, place the ready coated balls on it. Bake for 25-35mins until lightly golden or that balls have puff up. Notes - 
Every oven's temperature varies. Using puff pastry - I baked at 170degree Celsius for 32mins.
Using pizza dough - i baked at 165 degree celsius for 30mins.

Roll them into balls, then dip in melted butter, follow by coating with sugar and cinnamon powder

I got the idea from this link -

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