Friday, April 22, 2016

Korean Seafood Pancakes (Haemul Pajeon) (해물파전) by Angela Seah Thulin

YouTube link - Pajeon 

I was on a short getaway trip to London last week, meeting new friends that I made from my Facebook cooking group - Plate & Palate. They brought me to this Korean restaurant (Jin Go Gae Korean Restaurant) upon arrival. I have only tried Ddeokbokki (spicy rice cake) in Singapore and i think i wouldn't like any other types of Korean food. Well, this trip has since then changed my impression on Korean food. I got to taste Bibimbap and Japchae and i fell in love with the seafood pancakes! The fragrance from the scallions, the prawns and the edges are really crispy ...! Knowing that i would like to replicate the Pajeon when i'm back to my kitchen in Sweden, they were kind to bring me to H Mart and i bought the authentic korean pancake flour there! By the way, we had 2 Korean meals for this trip! Army stew, sweet & sour chicken, seafood pancake, stove grill spicy pork - all are fabulous!

Back to my kitchen in Sweden, here's my action - 

Ingredients -

3 prawns (est. 45g)
Few stalks of scallions (30g)
2 crab meat stick
Korean pancake flour 8 tbsp + 8 tbsp cold water (see below pic)

Steps - 
1. Mix the flour with COLD water.
2. Trim the scallions thinner but not too thin otherwise they get char easily. Cut them into 3-4cm long. Add the scallions and crab meat stick into the flour and mix well.
3. Heat up pan with generous amount of oil and pour half of the mixture in, topping it with some prawns.
4. Flip when the bottom turn golden brown.
5. Add more oil to the edges of the pancake, press the center of the pancake to sizzle, this will make it more crispy.

Korean pancake flour

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