Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Tom Kha Gai by Angela Seah Thulin

Ingredients -

350ml water

20g of galangal, sliced
2 stalks of lemongrass, cut diagonally into few
2 small red onions, chop into half
1 pkt of Tom Ka paste (shown below)
350g Chicken meat 

200ml Coconut milk 
1 tomato, cut into quartered
1 tsp Knorr chicken powder
Fish sauce (few drops), adjust accordingly
5 pieces of lime leaves, teared ...
Fresh lime juice 
Bunch of coriander/cilantro
Optional - Chilli padi 

Steps - 
1. Marinate the chicken breast or thigh meat with light soy sauce and corn flour.
2. Boil the lemongrass and galangal with 350ml water till it boils.
3. Then add red small onions and the tom yum paste in. Stir to mix well.

4. Add the meat in and let it come to a boil.
5. Next, pour the coconut milk in. Stir to mix well and let it come to a soft boil.
6. Add the mushroom, tomatoes, chicken powder, fish sauce, teared lime leaves and chilli padi if any. Taste and adjust accordingly. Let it cook for few minutes.

7. Off heat, add coriander in and stir.
8. Then add lime juice and give a quick gentle stir. Taste that your soup should be salty and sour enough.

Notes - 
1. For the meat - I use chicken breast and marinated them with bit of light soy sauce and corn flour.
2. I use canned mushrooms but oyster mushroom is preferred.
3. Coconut milk - I use Kara 200ml in small box form.
4. I added about 1/2 tbsp lime juice only.

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