Sunday, May 15, 2016

Braised Chicken Drumsticks by Angela Seah Thulin

Cooked this today, and my son sang with praises non-stop! With no marinade but instead a short list of different seasonings, the chicken drumsticks can still be deftly flavored and succulently braised. The broth absorbs the rich flavour from the soy sauce and the chicken. 

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鸡腿 6只 (650公克)
蒜蓉 1大匙 
洋葱 220公克 切片
马铃薯 3-4 粒 用滚刀法切块
水 1.5杯
丰禾园黑酱油 2大匙
鸡精粉 1大匙 或 knorr鸡精块1/2块
蚝油 1大匙
麻油 1/2大匙
绍兴酒 1大匙
1)热锅,加入少许油, 爆香蒜蓉和洋葱片。

Braised Chicken Drumsticks 
6 chicken drumstickes (650g)
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 onions (220g)

3-4 potatoes, cut into quarters (250g)
Canned mushroom (optional)
1.5 cups water (using measuring cup)
2 tbsp Feng He Garden dark soya sauce
1 tsp chicken powder or 1/2 chicken knorr cube
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1/2 tbsp sesame oil
1 cap shaoxing wine

Steps -
1. With alittle oil in pot, give a brief cook to the onion and the garlic.
2. Add the chicken drumsticks in and cook till opaque.
3. Follow by adding the water in, dark soya sauce, chicken powder, oyster sauce, sesame oil and shaoxing wine. Mix well and let it come to a boil.
4. Turn the heat to low. Add all the potatoes in. Give it a stir. Add the mushroom in after ten minutes.
5. Let this cook for twenty minutes with lid covered and stir once in a while. Continue cooking for another few minutes or until drumsticks are cooked. 

Notes -
1. As I am using Le Creuset 22cm pot, total cooking time is about 25 minutes.


  1. "With no marinade" is my favourite part. Anyway, the recipe seems delicious!