Friday, December 19, 2014

Kong Bak Pau (Chinese Braised Pork) by Angela Seah Thulin

Highly Recommended

Normally i am someone who don't eat any type of fat but this is my new favorite. I could eat almost all of it, it is sooo good especially with steam buns and plain rice! Cooking the pork belly for a long time will make it soft and tender (almost melting in your mouth). Using a new brand of light and dark soya sauce really enhanced this dish.

Thanks to my friend Evelyn Lim, for sharing her recipe!


Part (A) Sauce -
Feng He dark soya sauce 50ml
Feng He light soya sauce 25 ml
2 tsp corn flour
Crystal sugar 30g
Hua Diao Jiu 120ml
1tbsp five spice

Part (B) Boiling -
500g pork belly
8 slices of ginger (32g)
3 stalks of Scallions stem (white part)
1 tbsp of Hua Diao Jiu
3 cups of water

Steps -
1. Scrape the pork belly skin, wash clean under running water.
2. Prepare the sauce Part (A) by mixing all together in a bowl.
3. Cook the Part (B) for 30minutes and flip the meat after 15minutes. Drain the water and pat dry.
3. Heat up your wok with enough cooking oil and deep fry the meat (skin side down) using medium flames until golden brown.
4. Remove and set aside till cooled.
5. Slice the meat to your desire thickness (1-2 cm).
6. Combine the sliced meat with Part (A) sauce. Let it sit in for 15minutes.
7. Bring the slice meat (together with the sauce in it) to steam in high heat for 2 hours.
8. Serve with lettuce or cucumber.



  1. You are most most welcome. cam be darker if u like which I preferred olulu. 😍.
    i find this go with cucumber is the best.
    slice cucumber in long shape...marinated with salt for 5 min... wash under running water n squeeze the water out. put in fridge for at least 1 hr, longer better. It will be soft n crunchy.

  2. Hi Angela, recipe mention steam the meat, is it steam w/ö the sauce?

    1. Hi, I just updated the recipe on your point. Bring the meat and sauce to steam together. Thanks.