Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hakka Yam Abacus Beads 客家算盘子 by Angela Seah Thulin

Hakka Yam Abacus Beads 客家算盘子is a traditional Hakka dish that is usually eaten during festivals.

For the yam abacus -

350g yam
110g tapioca flour

1. Peel, cut the yam into slices and steam till cooked. Est. 20minutes...
2. While yam is hot, mash it and mix in the tapioca flour using a ladle. Do this while it is still hot. Then knead to form a pliable dough. Add bit of water if needed. I did not add water as i want to retain the strong yam taste, so this action of mixing and kneading it together must be fast. 
3. Roll it into a thin long log and cut. Then shape into a ball. Using my thumb, i give a gentle press down at the center. 
4. Prepare a cold icy water in a big bowl. 
5. To cook - in a pot with hot boiling water, add all these in. Let it cook till float and then continue cooking for another 2 minutes. 
6. Transfer them to the cold water immediately.
7. Drain them and coat with 2 tbsp of oil (to prevent them from sticking).

For stir frying -

Garlic, minced
Dried shrimps
Chinese mushrooms
Light soya sauce
White pepper
Bit of sugar

1. In a heated wok with oil, cook the minced garlics, shallots and dried shrimps till fragrant.
2. Then add the carrots and mushrooms in till almost cooked.
3. Add the abacus beads and all the seasoning, stir fry to well mixed and add scallions/chilli in. Taste and adjust accordingly.
4. Dish up and garnish with more scallions and deep fried shallots.

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