Monday, November 30, 2015

Chicken wings stuffed with glutinous rice by Angela Seah Thulin

A friend of mine went to Taiwan recently and shared something like this in Global Dining (Facebook group).

I have never tried this before even though I've been to Taiwan twice. Did a google about it and made my own version instead. 

I stuffed the wings with my steamed glutinous rice recipe and then deep-fried them.

Steps -
1. I prepared and cooked the steamed glutinous rice first. You will not need all but its yummy enough to eat on its own. Once done, set aside. 
2. Then i washed and deboned the wings. 
3. Using the ''4 in 1'' deep fried seasoning packet (see pic below), i marinated the wings accordingly.
4. After the glutinous rice cooled down, i began stuffing rice into wings and sew it up with a toothpick.
5. Then i coated the wings (following the packet instructions) and proceeded to deep fry them afterwards.

After deboned

After stuffing with glutinous rice

Use any other kinds that is available in your country

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