Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kaya (Coconut jam) by Angela Seah Thulin

Kaya is a well-known jam in Singapore and Malaysia. It is cooked using only 4 ingredients; coconut milk, eggs, sugar and pandan leaves. The sweet, rich coconutty flavour...mmm i could even eat it on its own.. 

Ingredients -
6 eggs (equal to 310g)
100g granulated sugar
400ml coconut milk (I used 2 packets of Kara)
150g palm sugar
8 pandan leaves, wash and tied

Steps -
1. In a big bowl, combine the eggs together with the granulated sugar. Mix well. I used a balloon whisker. Then add coconut milk to it. Stir till well combined.
2. Using the double boil method, add pandan leaves to step 1. Keep stirring during this process.
3. After 5-10 minutes, add the palm sugar in and stir till it dissolve. Reduce heat to low. Continue stirring till mixture is smooth, thick enough to coat sides of the bowl estimating 45 minutes to an hour.
4. Discard the pandan leaves. Allow the mixture to cool down and then transfer to a clean jam bottle. Or transfer to a blender and blend till it reaches the smooth consistency without lumps.

Notes -
1. An alternative to replace palm sugar is using granulated sugar. In a small pot, heat up the granulated sugar until it melts into caramel. Let the color becomes golden brown. Then add it in slowly into step 3.

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