Monday, March 12, 2018

Derma Sheer - Sparkling Facial Treatment

Hi there! This is a long-overdue post but as I am back in Singapore, I don't cook much anymore.

So here is a post which I know is off-topic, but I just want to share with you that i will be joining a beauty pageant soon and I was recommended by a friend to try out a facial treatment.

Ever heard of Derma Sheer facial products?

I was offered a complimentary facial treatment and honestly I am amazed by the results!

Over the years I have done a lot of facial treatments, so I am not easily impressed or surprised, but this one was really different.

The treatment I got is called “sparkling treatment” and Derma Sheer water spa therapy.

What I liked about it is that no machine was involved so it's not invasive at all. There is no scrubbing, instead the active ingredient is enzymes that will digest any impurities or sebum.

You can see from the video that my face is really shiny, tight and smooth – and doesn't it look like I am wearing foundation? Actually I only have my eyebrows drawn, my lipstick on and that´s it! I feel like I am going out with make up on, but it's simply their face care products. Or perhaps some concealer below my eyes and I’m perfect! 8 hours after the treatment my face is still glowing... Simply love how my face shines and how smooth my complexion is! 

I bought a set for myself to use at home and for someone like me who is new to their system, they actually make it really easy to use. You just follow the alphabet! For a full facial treatment you just have to remember: ABCDEAbsolute cleanser, Booster toner, Cell rejuvenator, Day Care UV and finally Enlivening energiser.

As I said earlier, I am really surprised and happy with the result so I can definitely recommend you to go and try for yourself and see how improved your skin will be!

Quote promo DS68 to get a sparkling facial for just $68 (usual price at $168).

Visit their facebook page Derma Sheer for more information about their products and treatments!

Pic taken 8hrs after facial 

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