Thursday, January 12, 2017

Deep Fried Crab Sticks by Angela Seah Thulin

Chinese New Year is around the corner (28th Jan 2017) and this is one of our common and popular snacks during this festive period. I remember when i was in Singapore, i would buy at least 3-4 bottles from the store and finish them all within 2 days. Snack on it at anytime!

I know that the thought of deep-frying may put you off from making this, but to be honest I find that deep-frying actually tastes so much better than air-frying them. Maybe it's just me, my preference.

Enjoy and Huat ah!!!

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Ingredients -
750g crab sticks
3 tbsp corn flour

Notes - For every 250g of crab sticks, I will dust 1 tbsp of corn flour on it.

Steps -
1. Remove the plastic sheet from the crab sticks. Tear them into thin strips.

A local brand that is available in Sweden

2. Spread the crab sticks out and dust the sifted corn flour on it.

3. Allow them to dry via fridge for about 2 hours.
4. Deep fried over medium heat until golden brown. 

5. Dish up and drain via paper towel. Allow to cool completely before storing into container.

For air-fry recipe, please click on this link

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