Sunday, December 14, 2014

Steam Herbal Chicken by Angela Seah Thulin

Recipe link -

Using 5 ingredients only

Part (A) - up to individual how much you wan to add:
川芎 10pcs
Dang gui 7-8pcs...
Gou Qi Zhi 1 tbsp (chinese wolfberry)
Longan 1 tbsp
Red dates 15pcs

1.5 tbsp Hua tiao, 1.5cups water, 2 big thigh, 1.5 tsp light soya sauce

Steps -
1) Use 1.5cups of water to boil part (A) for 5mins.
2) Place the clean thighs on a big deep bowl, pour the ready hot herbs mixture into these thighs. Add hua tiao jiu and soya sauce.
3) Cover with a foil and let it steam for 1-2hrs or until chicken is cooked.

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